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Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a Classic Platinum Solitaire Setting With a $1,800 Budget

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A seller on 1stdibs has a .53 ct round diamond in the classic Tiffany’s platinum solitaire setting (sounds like exactly the same type you purchased in the article).

I was looking at it because my girlfriend absolutely loves that old movie and adores T&Co in general. While I could not afford a new ring from there I thought maybe a “preloved” one would be more in my grasp and I think she would love it.

The listing has both original T&Co ring boxes, the original diamond certificate issued by T&Co (Color I, VVS2, excellent cut, faint fluorescence) as well as the original receipt showing it was bought in Sep 2017 for $4956.

The seller has it listed at $3800 and I’m wondering if given the information I included above is this too high a price? It seems that the sellers you tried to sell almost exactly the same ring to in the article were offering 50% of that price.

Should I expect to pay less than that…like a lot less? Maybe closer to $2500 to allow them for some profit. It looks like the seller is a retailer that bought it off the original purchaser (likely at the $1500-2000 range offered to you guys for yours), so maybe they have some room to negotiate?

I really appreciate any advice and thanks in advance!

We are not diamond buyers so there’s no way for us to know what the “right” price would be for a pre-owned Tiffany ring. Considering that you could get a new 0.50ct ring (with the same quality, warranty, maintenance, etc) for ~40% less than what that retailer is asking, it’s not an ideal situation. But the Tiffany brand name always comes with a premium to be paid, that’s true. If there’s room to negotiate, try it, it’s definitely worth the shot.

Thank you for this information. In addition to looking to at that pre-owned ring I also found the diamond in the link below. Wondering if you could tell me anything more about this diamond that is not already mentioned on the website. Would likely put this in a 1.5 mm platinum solitaire setting.
This diamond is eye-clean but looks very cloudy. I’d need to see the certificate to confirm it, but I’m 99% sure it has clouds listed in the clarity notes, making it a big no no.

I found this one that looks promising:

Alternatively, this one from Blue Nile has a great cut and is absolutely eye-clean:
Blue Nile LD11608467

I do like that Blue Nile stone. Definitely better clarity rating than the original stone I was looking at. However, I worry that the polish is only listed as “very good” as opposed to excellent on the alternate James Allen stone you suggested. How big of a deal should that be? I also noticed that they vary in fluorescence with the James Allen you sent having a medium grade and the Blue Nile having none. Again I’m not sure how much weight I should put behind that characteristic

There’s basically no visual difference between the ‘Excellent” and “Very good” polish or symmetry grades. I’d recommend you steer clear of the “Good” and “Fair” grades, but the first two are absolutely fine.

Fluorescence can be a bit of a bonus on H and lower colors. It can help the diamond look a bit whiter.

I found another slightly larger stone on Blue Nile that I’m hoping you could give me an opinion on? The main characteristics are similar, but I’m unsure how to interpret some of the things like cut parameters and the clarity notes.

Also not sure if the couple hundred dollars difference is worth it for .04 ct and a tenth or so millimeter in length.

Blue Nile LD12280840

The most recent diamond from Blue Nile looks amazing. It’s nicely cut and eye-clean. Great find! Typically, a 0.70ct and a 0.74ct diamond are basically the same size, but the 0.74ct you found seems to be fairly larger than the 0.70ct. It’s up to you. Both are excellent options.

That is great to hear! I really like the latest .74 ct one we looked at. I just need to figure out a clandestine way to get her finger size. I really appreciate your help! One last request…do you know if Blue Nile will hold a diamond with some sort of deposit? I don’t want to lose this one to another buyer, but I also would like to get her size before I order, which may be a few days or more.

Well I guess I missed out. The .74 ct stone I wanted is now sold or pending sale. Really disappointing. Not really sure where to go from here. Wish I had known I could call them and reserve it.

Very sorry to blow you up. I’m just super bummed out that I missed out on that other stone. It was by far the best one I’ve seen at that price point. Not as excited about the other ones, but below are four others that I have checked out and was hoping you could give me your opinion on which one would be the best value. The first link is the Blue Nile stone you first pointed me to. I’m kind of interested in the .72 ct one, but am hoping your expertise can set me right.

Blue Nile LD11608467

Blue Nile LD12302503

Blue Nile LD12064913

I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s a real bummer that the 0.74ct got snatched up.

Of the ones you sent me, I like my original recommendation the best. You could also ask for a picture of this J VS2: Blue Nile LD10687478. It’s slightly larger and it’s possible the feather mentioned in the clarity notes is conveniently located and can be covered with a prong.

Thank you. I’ve asked for a higher res image of that stone so maybe they can accommodate me.

They haven’t sent me an email confirming the new pictures, but periodically checking the site I can see that they’ve uploaded a new picture and a 360 view of the stone. Can you check it out?

It’s borderline, but I think it’s fine. The feather on the table is subtle and should get unnoticed in the structure. Plus, the diamond has a fantastic cut which will also help hide the inclusion. You can always return it if you weren’t happy with it, but I don’t think that it’ll be necessary.

At this point it’s between that one and the original one you sent…

f it was me, I’d get the 0.72ct. It has a fantastic cut and a great price.

Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the ring today! Expecting to receive it around soon and will for sure let you know how it looks. I really appreciate all your help. You’ve been a real pleasure to work with and I hope there is some way I can pass that along to your managers. Please let me know.

That’s fantastic news, it was a real pleasure helping you.

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