Q&A: 1 Carat Princess or Round Cut Diamond for $5K Budget

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I apologize if you have received a message from me, my internet dies when I hit submit so I am not sure.
I am looking to purchase a minimum 1 carat princess or round cut diamond. My budget is a little over $5,000 and I would prefer Zales or James Allen as they have the settings I am most looking for, although I am more than willing to look elsewhere for better quality. I am not an expert by any means on color or quantity as all I have learned was based on your web site.
I have been looking for a few weeks, and learned that I know nothing and it’s best off to adhere to recommendations.
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Also I am looking to purchase the ring by April 15th.
Please let me know if there is any additional information you need.
Thank you for your web site and thank you in advance for your assistance.

This was the only message I received from you, so it’s a good thing you did it again!

Is the $5000 for the diamond only, or for the ring as well? If it includes the ring, can you send me a link to the setting?

Thank you fir the timely response Ira, this is my office email since I am unable to access my personal email to send you the links from my office.
The $5,000 is for the diamond.
I am looking to spend $6,000 on the ting in total.
Below are the settings she has eluded to in the past:

Zales Options:
I am having trouble with the links so they are on the following web site under “Engagement Ring”
Style #64-S0035
Style #64-S0037

James Allen
Also having trouble with the links:
or the other I am having trouble sending is item #: 1011w

Thank you

If you order it, please let me know what you think when it arrives!

Will do.
I have not yet ordered it, but I will be shortly. It’s a big step for me so it’ll be like ripping off a band aid 🙂

Sounds good. Stay in touch!

I had the diamond delivered today.
It looks wonderful.
Thanks for all your help.

Great news! Thanks so much for the email!

Do you think you could do me a small favor? If you could leave me a short review on ivouch, I would be extremely grateful. Here’s a direct link if you have the time:

Thanks! And congrats!

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