Diamond Symmetry

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Bottom Line Recommendation:

Diamond Symmetry Diagram

  • Symmetry: “Good” or better is fine.

What is Diamond Symmetry?

Diamond Symmetry refers to how well aligned the facets of a diamond are.  i.e., do the edges of the facets on the top and bottom of the diamond line up along the girdle?  Are the facets aligned symmetrically around the diamond?

Is Symmetry any more important than Polish?

The simple answer to that question is: not really.  Take a look at the diagram on the right.

Each of the problems mentioned there (off-center culet, off-center table, misshapen facets, out-of-round circumference, crown and pavilion misalignment, and a wavy girdle) can definitely take away from the beauty of a diamond. That’s not the issue.

Telling the Difference Between Symmetries 

The issue is that, I, the diamond expert with 6+ years of experience can hardly tell the difference between a diamond with “Good” symmetry and “Excellent” symmetry.

You will only see noticeable defects in symmetry as found in the diagram to the right in diamonds with a “Fair” or “Poor” symmetry grade.  So like Polish, there’s no need to spend any additional money to buy a diamond with a “Very Good” or “Excellent” symmetry grade.

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  1. lee     Reply

    hello, I am debating b/t 2 Tiffany rings, same style, round brilliant. the first one is 1.05 ct, F color, VVS2, 6.47 – 6.53 x 4.05 mm, depth % is 62.3%, table dia % is 57%, crown angle is 35.4, pavillion depth is 43.5%, griddle thickness is medium to slighly thick, polish and sym are Very good. No cutlet. On the other Tiff ring, E color, VS1, 1.03 ct, measurement is 6.56 – 6.60 x 3.98 mm, depth % is 60.5%, table dia % 57%, griddle thickness is Thin/Faceted, polish and sym are both Excellent. No cutlet.
    Both are no fluorescence. the price maybe diff in 1K or 1.5K. Which one is better deal in term of life time ring?

    • Mike     Reply

      What are the prices for those diamonds? Tiffany is insanely overpriced (here is our Tiffany & Co review).

  2. Victoria     Reply

    I have read every word of your Web site, well almost! It is the best resource out there. What do you think of this stone for $22K?
    They say its hearts and arrows?
    Should I be concerned with the heights and angles, and the larger table??
    Does James allen have anything better?
    Round Brilliant
    Measurements: 8.33 – 8.39 x 4.93 mm

    Carat Weight: 2.04 carat
    Color Grade: G
    Clarity Grade: SI2
    Cut Grade: Excellent

    Depth: 59.0%
    Table: 60%
    Crown Angle: 31.5°
    Crown Height: 12.0%
    Pavilion Angle: 41.6°
    Pavilion Depth: 44.0%
    Star Length: 50%
    Lower Half: 80%
    Girdle: Thin to Medium, Faceted (2.5%)
    Culet: None

    Polish: Excellent
    Symmetry: Excellent
    Fluorescence: None

    • Mike     Reply

      1) It is incredibly rare to have an eye-clean SI2 diamond of that size. I can’t comment on that without knowing if its eye-clean or not.
      2) They are lying. There is no way for 60 table diamond to have proper Hearts and Arrows.
      3) These are the nicest SI2s I found in that range. As you can see, that price is very high:


      That first one is very nice for your money. What do you think?

      • Victoria     Reply

        Hi, Mike
        Thanks so much for your reply.
        They say it is eye clean, and I cannot see any flaws at all with my (untrained) eye. there is so much brilliance. With the loupe I see one white occlusion, not sure if this is the correct term, off to the left, about the size of a pin head,maybe a bit bigger, and two tiny crystals, clear looking, that’s it. Nothing black. The GIA is exactly consistent with this.
        I too saw the top one you sent. the numbers are virtually identical across the board. It seemed to have too much going on on the diagram, many issues, which I know is not uncommon. I contacted James Allen and they told me it was not eye clean. I was impressed with their honesty. Once I added tax to the JA price, the price was about the same as what I was quoted $22k, for the stone above, which was including tax, I just rounded it up in my email to you.

        I was also disppointed that I could not find a setting I liked on JA. I wanted a halo. with side stones. the one I found in the store, is 2.75 TW with g-h color, 10 10 -12 pt stones around the main stone, and three larger stones down each side. this was additional. I must say it looks amazing.

        My boyfriend told me after I emailed you that he will not buy online, and he went ahead and bought this ring. It is amazing to look at, but I hope it wasn’t a bad choice. Im so thrilled and grateful, but am still worried that it wasnt a good choice. Should I take it in to GIA and ask about the eye clean issue? Does it matter if it isn’t eye clean, if I can’t see it?
        One more question, please: One thing I noticed with every round I tried on, all with G color, in several stores, two stores in NYC diamond district, in the super bright lights they looked slightly darker, but when in regular light they appear whiter. Why is this? I hope this is not a terrible sign.
        I think I have read too much and am questioning everything. Any assurances you could offer me so I can relax and fully enjoy this ring would be appreciated…


        • Mike     Reply

          GIA will not state whether a diamond is eye-clean or not. If you liked the diamond, great. Stick with it.

          • Victoria  

            Thanks, Mike.
            I took it to a local jeweler who trained at GIA. He looked at it under the microscope, did measurements, and said it was eye clean and matched the GIA. Thanks so much for your help.

          • Mike  

            Sounds good.

  3. Loz     Reply


    I’ve been contacting a lot of different places in Australia trying to find out prices for cushion cut diamonds. Im looking at spending around $10 000 AUD for the diamond and getting the ring custom by the same people on top of the $10K AUD. These diamonds are all GIA certified and I get copies of the certificates. I’ve been asking for D or E colour and in the range of VS1 or VS2. Am I compromising too much on size by doing this? As I’m sure everyone is I’m just looking for the best possible diamond for the budget we have. Here are the diamond and their properties sourced by a couple of different places. I would love your advice!

    1.10ct E VS1 Excellent/Very Good $7580+GST
    1.10ct D VS1 Excellent/Very Good $8,455+GST
    1.12ct G VS2 $8700
    1.20ct E VS2 Excellent/Excellent $9550+GST
    1.20ct E VS1 Excellent/Very Good $10,300 + GST
    1.20ct D VS2 Excellent/Very Good $10,560 +GST
    1.20ct F VS1 5.92×5.76 $ 13,110
    1.30ct E VS1 Excellent/Very Good 11,565+GST
    1.33ct E VS2 6.3×5.98 $ 13500
    1.44ct F VS2 Excellent/Excellent 11,935+GST
    1.50CT D VS1 Excellent/Very Good 15,485+GST (can’t really afford this)
    (All with no flurosence)

    • Mike     Reply

      Yes, you are compromising far too much on size. Also, are all these diamonds GIA certified?

      Check out our color and clarity pages (especially Ira’s video on the clarity page).

  4. Mike     Reply


    I am looking for these specifications (or let me know if I should reduce/upgrade some based on your expert experience).

    Carat: 2.5-3+
    Cut: Excellent
    Color: G or better
    Clarity: SI2 or better
    GIA only
    Price range <27k

    Right now I have 2 stones to compare.
    2.5 carat, G, SI2, Triple X, No Fluorescence, price $26.9. Local Dealer This is eye clean.
    2.8 carat, F, SI2, Triple X, Med Fluorescence, Price $26.2. Blue Nile
    This one has a large face on it, maybe making it look like a 3 carat.

    Do you have any suggestions or recommendations as to these two stones or better options?


    • Mike     Reply

      Never buy a colorless diamond with fluorescence. If that other diamond is really eye-clean and actually GIA certified, then go for it.

      • Mike     Reply

        Do you think that is a good price?

        • Mike     Reply

          For the non-fluorescent diamond? If its actually eye-clean that is a fair price. It is very rare to have an SI2 of that size that is eye-clean.

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