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Color: H

Looking for $5000 Round Diamond to Match with Specific Engagement Ring with Side Stones

I am looking at engagement rings and have budgeted $5000 for the diamond (round shape). I am planning on placing the diamond on a setting with sidestones similar to this link: The sidestones are color G-H. Is it necessary for the main stone to be better or equal color to the sidestones? For example, …

Help Deciding Between Two Diamonds

Dear Ira: I am searching for a new center stone for an heirloom setting with three small round stones on either side of the center.  A friend of a friend of the family has shown me two round stones. The first weighs 1.02 carats and is GIA-certified triple excellent, H color, and SI2.  I can …

Frustrated With the Mall Stores, Wants Fiery Diamond

 Hello Ira, I’ve been reading your site to get educated in this complicated market. Like any purchase, it is best to be informed as much as possible. Recently I have been looking to move to the next step in my relationship and propose. Trying to pick an engagement ring in the “mall stores” proved frustrating …

Looking for ideal matched pair 2 carat total weight

Can you find an ideal cut that has good value? Size? Budget? Size is tw of 2 carat or a bit less if I can save, my budget is open to up to $4500 to $9000. White gold/plat or yellow gold setting? And is your goal to pay the least amount for the size and …

Price Help with 2.5 carat Oval Cut

I’m looking for an Oval cut in the 2.5ct range I’m flexible on color and clarity but want a very good cut. Generally speaking what % off the rap would you expect for wholesale? Thanks for your input… It looks like the “call stone” price for a stone like this is around 25% off rap.  …

Color & Clarity Matching Diamonds in Jewelry

Ive just bought some earrings (multi stone GIA F/SI1 with very good cut/pol/symm) . I got f colour to match an uncertificated 5 stone ring thats been assessed (independently) as F/G SI1.  I intend buying a pendant ( trilogy 0.33ct each or maybe graduated 1.5 ct total) and solitaire ring (1ct+) down the road. Do …

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