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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Q&A: Princess Cut Length-to-Width Ratio and Help with 6000 CAD Budget

Hello! I just wondered abou the L/W ratio. I am looking fo a diamond and setting for about 6000 CAD all in taxes and delivery. I found one on blue nile: Blue Nile LD01117408 but i am not sure about the L/W ratio of 1.07. Will this look just off square or will it be …

Q&A: Color vs. Clarity Tradeoffs for under $5000

Hi Ira, Thank you very much for create such a site, it really helps me get a better idea for the quality of diamond I should be aiming for. I’m looking for an engagement ring and looking to pay around $5000 or less if possible. I had a list of “must haves” for the diamond …

Q&A: Wants Fiery Square Diamond: Princess or Radiant?

Hello- I am interested in purchasing a stone for an engagement ring. The ring setting itself will be the heavier trellis ring in platinum or white gold. I see that on Blue Nile, these rings can only be set with round, princess or asscher. James Allen offers a larger variety of stone shapes for this …

Help finding the best Round Brilliant for $6000

Hi Ira — Great website and postings on best values. I’m in the market for an engagement ring, and my budget is about $6000 (or less if I can) for a center diamond. Looking at at least a carat (6.5mm+ in diameter), eye clean, near colorless (G, H, I), and as sparkly as possible. I …

Looking for $3500 Budget Princess Cut. Also EGL vs. GIA Questions.

Thanks for the great resource you have hear. The information you provide is truly a great value. Its funny how society expects men to purchase diamond engagement rings, yet there is no real resource for true information, and everyone you talk to (family, friends, etc.) seem to have their own opinions. Anyways, I have a …

Looking for $5000 Round Diamond to Match with Specific Engagement Ring with Side Stones

I am looking at engagement rings and have budgeted $5000 for the diamond (round shape). I am planning on placing the diamond on a setting with sidestones similar to this link: The sidestones are color G-H. Is it necessary for the main stone to be better or equal color to the sidestones? For example, …

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