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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Price Help with 2.5 carat Oval Cut

I’m looking for an Oval cut in the 2.5ct range I’m flexible on color and clarity but want a very good cut. Generally speaking what % off the rap would you expect for wholesale? Thanks for your input… It looks like the “call stone” price for a stone like this is around 25% off rap.  …

Worth it to Fly UK to Dubai to buy a Diamond?

UPDATE: I just made a quick trip to secret shop the Dubai diamond market. Unfortunately, I found more of the same shenanigans you see in most diamond districts. I did find one great contact though. One company does a great job of sourcing legitimately certified diamonds directly from diamond manufacturers at excellent prices. Please contact …

Price Help with a 2 carat Radiant F Color VS2 Clarity

What price range would you expect for: radiant cut 2.06cts, color F clarity vs2, polish and symmetry vg, table 68%, depth 70%, dimensions 8.63 x6.42 x 4.5 fluorescence: nil (or faint depending on which certificate you follow(!) thanks for your help I have checked for similar stones on an online industry wholesale trading site.  I …

What Makes a Fancy Shape have a nice Cut?

This question came from a reader of my article about Diamond Cut. that’s great, but what about fancy cuts? I am interested in a rectangular radiant cut diamond, and the amount of conflicting information on what angles and proportions are preferable is very confusing.  Some sites say that to be a very good cut, the …

Color & Clarity Matching Diamonds in Jewelry

Ive just bought some earrings (multi stone GIA F/SI1 with very good cut/pol/symm) . I got f colour to match an uncertificated 5 stone ring thats been assessed (independently) as F/G SI1.  I intend buying a pendant ( trilogy 0.33ct each or maybe graduated 1.5 ct total) and solitaire ring (1ct+) down the road. Do …

Is Dubai Gem Certification (DGC) the real deal?

How about Dubai Gem Certification (DGS)? What do you think about certifcation from DGS? Unfortunately, the DGC lab really only came out just as I stopped traveling to Dubai.  I have sent an inquiry to a former colleague still stationed in Dubai. When I have his answer, I will post it to the website and …

IGI vs. GIA Fluorescence

If IGI grades slight flourescence [sic] in a diamond of G color. Is it actually going to be medium or even strong by GIA criteria? How does slight floures affect the price of a diamond. It’s very possible that an IGI “slight” fluorescence diamond would be graded “medium” by the GIA.  I would put the …

Emerald Cut 1 ct D VS2 Medium Yellow Price Help

What price range could you give me for the following specs: emerald cut, Carat weight:1.03, Color grade: D, Clarity Grade: VS2, Polish: Very good, Symmetry: Good, Fluorescence:  Medium yellow, no additional clouds. Measurements: 6.83 x 5.06 x 3.49, Depth:  69.0%,  Table:  71%,  Girdle:  Medium to Very Thick. I did a quick check on a diamond …

Looking for Diamond Parcels in the Far East

The following exchange took place in April 2009. I was wondering if i wanted to buy uncertified diamonds in parcels, how and who can i contact? If you are untrained in buying diamonds, you can really get fleeced.  Why don’t you tell me where you are located, and I’ll see if I have any trustworthy …

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