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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Q&A: How to Buy the Cleanest Radiant-Cut Diamond

Is this a decent diamond? Can you make any other recommendations in that price range? I like the radiant because it is a little different than the traditional round. Top Recommended Vendors Blue Nile Blue Nile is the largest and most well known internet jewelry seller. They have a very large exclusive online inventory. …

Q&A: Seeking Ideal Cut Round Diamond for $2K Budget

Message: ■Is your goal cheapest price for given parameters, yes chapest price for given parameters. .71 c ■Round ■Desired Color Range I to J ■VS1 to si 1 ■$2000 ■I want it to sparkle It would like it on a 4 prong classic type ring Thanks! Top Recommended Vendors Blue Nile Blue Nile is the …

Q&A: Looking for Round, Cushion, or Oval-Shaped Diamond for $2K Budget

I am looking for a round, cushion, or oval shape diamond under $2000. As far as clarity is concerned, anything ”eye-clean” is fine. Of course, I would like the biggest diamond, I don’t like the faint yellow tint. I read on your website that a medium fluorescent can help a lower color diamond look better, …

Q&A: Vote of Confidence for Princess Cut Engagement Ring Already Purchased

Hi, Great site. You really helped me with my purchase from I was looking for a princess cut diamond in the $4500 range. My citeria were ~0.75-1.2 carat, D-G, IF-VS1, ideal or premium cut. As you see from the diamonds I narrowed it down to, I let the clarity slide to VS2 upon advice …

Q&A: Looking for Suggestions for 1 Carat Diamonds on James Allen

Thanks for the info you provide on your site. I’ve taken your tips and narrowed the parameters to ”ideal cut”, ”I or H color”, and the low range of clarity. I am looking at 1 carats. Total budget is staying around 5k or so. I get 2 results on James Allen: 1. H, SI2 for …

Q&A: “Am I on the right track to get the shiniest diamond?”

First off, your website has been tremondously helpful for me-a first time diamond buyer. I hugely value cut and I have been looking at Blue Nile and their signature cut. Obviously, I am paying more for the signature brand. So, I used the more stringent table (60.1 to 61.9) and depth% (55 to 57) values …

Q&A: Looking for “nudge in the right direction” to find round 1-1.2 carat diamond

First, great site and I’m glad that I stumbled onto it! I’m contacting you for your expert advice, or at lest nudge in the right direction. I am looking at engagement rings with diamonds in the ~10k range. The Bride-to-be is interested in size over quality, she thinks 1.5ct would be about right. Setting is …

Q&A: Narrowing the Search for Round Diamond, $5K Budget

I narrowed my search down to 4 diamonds, links are below. My budget for my engagement ring is $5k-5.5k. My original plan was Color I/H, Clearity VS2, Cut Very Good, Polish VG, Symmetry VG. After looking at diamonds in person I decided my money might be better spent a little differently: Color I, Clearity SI2, …

Q&A: “Officially scared” about buying a diamond — help!

Well you officially scared me from buying a diamond, so many things to know and still you may not be getting what you think or even over paying. Im skeptical about this whole process but seeing that like most people in my situation; i have no knowledge of diamonds, really what do i have to …

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