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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Q&A: Should I Buy a 1.17 Carat Diamond at Sam’s Club?

Your website is excellent, but there is so much information to take in. I know I want a round diamond; and my budget is approximately $10,000 to 12,500. There is a diamond at Sam’s Club that is 1.17; G; VS2; and the cut is very good. With tax I’m looking at roughly $10,000. But I …

Q&A: Looking for Advice on Round Diamond for $8-9K AUD Budget

I have made the big call to buy an engagement ring! My budget is around $8-9,000 AUD. I really like 6 prong rings and round diamonds. What do you think of: This ring (18k White Gold Six Prong Knife-Edged Diamond Ring): This diamond: I can see some imperfections using the virtual loupe – …

Q&A: Looking to Spend $2500 for Princess Cut Diamond

Hello. I am looking for a princess cut diamond. I am looking for the best diamond i can get on a fixed budget. I am looking to spend around $3500 for the entire engagement ring. I really like some of the settings on bluenile, but i am not sure if you can buy a setting …

Q&A: “Hoping to get a diamond that really pops” for $2K Budget

I am hoping to propose in the next couple of weeks and I can really use your advice. My girlfriend has very simple tastes and wants a very simple ring. I’m trying to decide between these two settings: As far as the diamond goes, I’m hoping to get the best bang for my …

The Ring after the She Said Yes!

Q&A: “Running in circles with all other ‘expert’ diamond websites out there!”

First things first…THANK YOU for this website! I felt like I was running in circles with all other ”expert” diamond websites out there! I am in search of the most perfect diamond engagement ring within $7000. My girlfriend has expressed simple tastes in rings, so the band I believe will work best is this: …

Q&A: “Stuck on two but looking for other options”

I’ve probably read your website at least 20-30 times, spent countless hours researching the 4 Cs, and have finally narrowed down my choices to two diamonds: and Blue Nile LD02042045 I think a lot comes down to the actual ring I choose, but here are my specific: Price Range: $6500 or less for the …

Q&A: Half Carat Round Brilliant Cut for $1500 Budget

I would like to get a round brilliant diamond around .5-.65 ct. I am thinking about getting around a color G-I, ideal cut, and clarify of VS2-SI2. I would like an eye clean diamond. Can you suggest a diamond for a budget around $1,500? I’ve been looking at few round diamonds available on James Allen, …

Q&A: “Best Bang for the Buck” for a Princess Cut

I am looking for a Princess cut for a platinum setting under $2000 (not including setting). The most important feature is the fire and clarity. I can’t handle any tint of yellow either, pet peeve. Thanks for any advice you can give me. P.S. I have been looking on JA and BN Top Recommended Vendors …

Q&A: Looking for 1.5 Carat Round “Very Eye Clean” Diamond

I am looking for a 1.5 carat round, Very eye clean, good color and excellent cut. My budget is 11k. What do you think of as online vendor? Top Recommended Vendors James Allen James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales. Their imaging technology is at the point where it’s almost the same …

Q&A: 1.5 Carat Princess Cut Diamond for $5K Budget

Q&A: 1.5 Carat Princess Cut Diamond for $5K Budget

I have about a $5000 budget, maximum, for a diamond for an already purchased engagement ring. My fiancee has her heart set on a 1.5(can be 1.48ish or better) carat diamond. We’d like at least good cut, J color, and SI2 or better clarity. I thought I knew what I was doing until I started …

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