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Carat: 1.30

Q&A: “Thanks…I feel like a diamond expert now.”

I am looking for a princess cut diamond that is I or higher in color and otherwise clean to the eye, and I’m looking to spend around $6000. Other than that, I’m just looking for the biggest carat I can get with the combination of the above variables. Thanks for your help! Top Recommended Vendors …

Q&A: Should I Buy a Beautiful Loose Diamond in Bahrain, Ira?

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. I’m currently in Bahrain with the Navy and am planning on proposing to my girlfriend a few months after I get home (need to have the ring made). She likes a modern-looking ring and is particularly enamored with a platinum half-bezel solitaire setting (I …

Q&A: Looking for Princess Cut Diamond, 1.3-1.5 Carats

Well, it’s been a pretty daunting search so far and I’m happy to have found your site. I was in the diamond district in LA looking at diamonds and decided to hold off on some of their offerings because the prices seemed to be all over the place…amongst other concerns I had regarding quality vs. …

Q&A: Questions regarding I Color and Fluorescence

Hi. Great website! I’m looking for round diamond: – ’Excellent’ Cut – ’I’ Color or Better – ’SI1’ Clarity or Better – Not much more than $7000 – As big as possible I’m not exactly clear on Fluorescence. If I’m getting an ’I’ Color Diamond, would it be preferable to get one with ’Medium Blue’ …

Q&A: Looking for Ideal Cut Diamond for $5-6K Budget

I’ve spent the last four months or so trying to decide what would be the perfect diamond for my fiancée to be. I’ve read over everything on your site and have looked at all the diamonds you’ve recommended in my price range (5-6k). I’m still torn as to what kind of diamond would make my …

Q&A: Looking for Round Diamond Engagement Ring in Australia

Wow Ira, there is so much to take in when researching this stuff!! Thanks for such a great site (it has certainly helped a LOT), hoping you could give some more of your time to answer a few more questions? I’ve got a budget of about $8K for the entire ring. I’m aiming for a …

Q&A: Round Cut Diamond to Fit $7-8,000 Budget

First off and I know you get it a lot but your website is one of the most informative sites on this or any topic that I have seen! As an engineer I love the scientific aspect of diamond shopping. Your site was great in educating me and allowing me to search for the best …

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