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Budget: $7,500

Q&A: Round vs. Princess Cut for Platinum Solitaire Setting

Q&A: Round vs. Princess Cut for Platinum Solitaire Setting

First of all thank you for a very informative and helpful website. I have learned a lot just reading the Diamond Education section and various posts. I was hoping you could help me decide between a Round or a Princess cut for an engagement ring, and then possibly make some suggestions on possible diamonds. My …

Q&A: Looking for Round Brilliant Diamond for Solitaire Setting on $7-7.5K Budget

Q&A: Looking for Round Brilliant Diamond for Solitaire Setting on $7-7.5K Budget

Thank you for your continuous advice on this site! Can you recommend the best value for a loose diamond to be set in a solitaire setting for about $7-7.5K? I found the following diamond for $8,170 but wasn’t sure if it’s a good one in terms of value. It’s a bit too expensive so …

Q&A: Looking for 1 Ct. Emerald Cut Diamond for Platinum Wedding Set

We are thinking of purchasing a wedding set in platinum with a 1ct emerald cut centre stone. It is a halo style ring set and the stone is GIA cert. the specs are I color vvs2 6.68×4.92×3.46 excellent polish and symmetry 71% table 70.3% depth. There are approx 46 stones surrounding the centre diamond and …

Q&A: Looking for Center Stone for 3-Diamond Engagement Ring on $7K Budget

The information on your site has been extremely helpful to me. I have chosen a setting off of james allen, and I would appreciate some recommendations for a center stone diamond for a three stone engagement ring. My budget is $7,000, I would like an eye clean, round brilliant, minimum 1.0 carat stone. As much …

Q&A: Round Diamond for 10th Anniversary Gift on $7500 Budget

I really appreciate your very informative website. I am looking for an engagement ring upgrade for a 10th anniversary gift for later this month. The budget for the diamond alone is around $7500. I am looking for a round cut, eye-clean diamond, hopefully ideal cut or very close to ideal proportions. I want at least …

Q&A: Looking for Princess Cut Diamond, 1.3-1.5 Carats

Well, it’s been a pretty daunting search so far and I’m happy to have found your site. I was in the diamond district in LA looking at diamonds and decided to hold off on some of their offerings because the prices seemed to be all over the place…amongst other concerns I had regarding quality vs. …

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