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Bottom Line Recommendation: We believe that businesses are fundamentally either honest or dishonest, trustworthy or untrustworthy. A business that deals unfaithfully with its suppliers will eventually do the same to its customers. Because of this, we can no longer recommend Enchanted Diamonds to our readers.

The History

Humble Beginnings

Enchanted Diamonds is a very interesting player in the online diamond market. They have technically been around since 2009, but they didn’t really come into their own until 2014.

Even as late as 2013, we were recommending our readers to buy elsewhere, as is evidenced by this Q&A from an email originating on 5/22/2013.

The problems back then were pretty simple – they were based in New York with a cheap-looking site, they had no high quality photos of their diamonds and they sold diamonds with unreliable certification. This basically put them in the same category as at least twenty other low quality diamond sites that are always coming and going.

There’s always a new dealer on 47th Street in Manhattan that wakes up in the morning and says to himself, “Hey! I should also be selling diamonds online! It’s an easy way to make money! Let me see how I can start doing this in the cheapest way possible and not be concerned at all for long term growth!”

Most don’t last more than a couple of years before they realize how hard it is to do it right.

The Future Looked Bright

We were thrilled when they stuck it out and learned their lessons. Back then, they drastically improved their user interface, they added high quality images of their diamonds, and they slowly removed EGL certified diamonds from their inventory.

We began referring readers to them in late 2014 after extensive discussions with the owners of Enchanted Diamonds, Jonathan Las (who as since left the company under unclear circumstances) and Joshua Niamehr. The primary issue in getting started with them was their overly restrictive return policy. They took our advice, and revised it to be more inline with the industry average 30-day return window.

At the time, we did a secret shop of their store for the purposes of this review, but we feel at this time (Fall 2016), the results of that experiment are irrelevant. We’ll keep the results of our “secret shop” in the article below, but the conclusions drawn are null and void.

New Conclusions

In the world of online diamond dealers, Enchanted Diamonds plays the role of the tragic hero. They could have become one of the leaders with their focus on high quality images and cut quality; but, unfortunately, their actions with us have given us the sense that they value short term savings over long term relationships. As such, we can no longer recommend them.

The Test

The Methodology

We decided the best test for Enchanted would be to shop for what most of our readers are looking for. We used a budget of $5000 to buy an engagement ring. Initially, we intended to buy a complete engagement ring, but due to time constraints, we needed to change that to a loose diamond.

ED Search - Beautiful & Functional

ED Search – Beautiful & Functional

I began the process by searching through their online inventory as I would for any of our readers. I limited the price to $5000 tops, selected Round diamonds, and chose I and J colors only (as if I were someone looking to buy a Round Diamond and mount it in a solitaire setting).

Then I sorted the results by carat weight in descending order.

Additionally, since I knew I’d be returning the stone to test their return policy, I did not want to include their “Wholesale” (ie, final sale – no returns) diamonds in the search.  Likewise, since I knew I’d be returning it, I knew it would be less damaging to them if I purchased one of the diamonds they have available for viewing in their New York showroom.

I was excited to put their service to the test, but I didn’t feel it was right to cause them a monetary loss in doing so.

The Next Step

My search led me to this diamond: a 1.11ct J color SI1 clarity GIA certified round diamond.

It had all the qualities in a stone that we would recommend to any of our readers.

I then decided to put their service to the test using their online live chat feature.

To say I was impressed would be a huge understatement. The person I was chatting with, “Zo,” actually suggested an admittedly better value stone than the one I had chosen!

How did I miss it? Well, the stone he suggested wasn’t available to view in their showroom, so it didn’t appear in my search results. In general, stones that are available to show are more desirable for them to sell since it either means they actually own the diamond, or at the very least it means it’s less of an issue for them to return the diamond to the original owner if the customer returns it to them.

The fact that Zo suggested a stone unavailable for showing in New York meant that he truly had my best interests at heart and was less concerned with Enchanted’s relevant business interests.

He suggested this 1.04ct I color SI1 clarity GIA certified stone. The cut on this stone was superior and the color was better, yet the stone was less than $100 more than my choice. The difference in size was irrelevant because the actual diameter of the stones was nearly identical.

In the end, though, since this stone had to ship to them first for inspection from outside New York, they couldn’t guarantee it would arrive in time for me.

I purchased my original choice using my sister-in-law’s identity so they wouldn’t recognize my name.

The Results

The Packaging

Enchanted's Packaging

Enchanted’s Packaging

As you can see in the image on the right, the packaging was fairly basic. I received an envelope with a GIA certificate, an in-house appraisal (all the companies offer them, but they’re pretty much meaningless), and the diamond.

The one item of note is the really unique way they housed the loose diamond. It was encased in an attractive lucite enclosure that could definitely be used as a permanent way to store the diamond as a keepsake (if someone would ever desire that).

The Diamond

As expected, the diamond was superb. The imagery on Enchanted certainly represented the true appearance of the stone.  I had a colleague of mine in New York take this quick video of the stone before I returned it for your viewing pleasure:

The Return

As expected, the return process was simple and quick. No questions were asked, and they were very helpful in getting it processed and returning the money to the credit card as quickly as possible.

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