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In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Q&A: Looking for a Princess Cut Diamond for a White Gold Channel Setting Within a $4k-$6k Budget

Hello, I’m looking for a princess cut diamond for this setting: www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/channel-set/14k-white-gold-thin-channel-set-princess-shaped-diamond-engagement-ring-item-1250?a_aid=dmnd1357 I’m interested in the best value diamond for a 1.0-1.5 carat princess cut with a budget of 4-6k. Thanks so much!! Have a look at these two stones: www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/1.01-carat-h-color-vs1-clarity-sku-1133924?a_aid=dmnd1357 www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/1.11-carat-i-color-vvs2-clarity-sku-1839192?a_aid=dmnd1357 They are both very well cut and going to look colorless. The I …

Q&A: Choosing a Cushion Cut Diamond for a Halo Ring With $10k Total Budget

Q&A: Choosing a Cushion Cut Diamond for a Halo Ring With $10k Total Budget

Do you think this would work well in a halo ring, with one outer row of diamonds? Blue Nile LD07984308 The inclusions are at the side so I think can be hidden. My budget is about £7500 for the ring and setting and I am planning to get it set in London (hence being restricted …

Q&A: Choosing a Round Diamond for a Pavé Ring With an $8k Budget

Thanks for your awesome website. Now that I’m ready to make a purchase I could really use assistance on picking a round brilliant diamond. Below is the setting I plan on purchasing from James Allen. www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/pave/18k-white-gold-petite-pave-crown-diamond-engagement-ring-item-53159?a_aid=dmnd1357 I would like a diamond in the 1.3-1.5 ct. range. Budget would be around $7500-$8000 for the diamond. Any …

Q&A: Choosing a Center Diamond for a Solitaire Setting Within a $2,700 Budget

I am looking for diamond advice for a engagement purchase I would like to make soon. I have studied online enough about what is a quality diamond to make me dangerous. I do feel certain (I think) that it must be certified through GIA or other industry leading lab. I’m looking for the best quality …

Q&A: Looking for the Best Round Diamond for a Halo With a $9,000 Total Budget

Hi there, I’ve already been looking for an engagement ring online for a few weeks and I’m trying to get the best diamond for my money. I have to admit that I have very high standards for anything I buy so it’s been a bit difficult. I really want the best possible for my girlfriend, …

Q&A: Choosing a Cushion Cut Diamond With Around $6,000 Budget

I’m looking for a cushion cut diamond 1 ct in size or higher. Looking to spend around 6,000.00 on the diamond itself. Thank you for your help. I looked around and I like these options for you: Blue Nile LD08325811 www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/cushion-cut/1.20-carat-h-color-vs2-clarity-sku-2203500?a_aid=dmnd1357 www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/cushion-cut/1.23-carat-h-color-vs1-clarity-sku-2610700?a_aid=dmnd1357 www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/cushion-cut/1.24-carat-h-color-vs1-clarity-sku-2606805?a_aid=dmnd1357 They are well cut, eye-clean and any of them will be very …

Q&A: Help Finding a Cushion Cut Diamond With a $16k–$20k Budget

Hello, I am looking for a cushion cut diamond for an engagement ring. My budget was originally going to be between 20-25,000 Canadian. I would like and hope to get something as close to 2 carat if possible in this price range. Please provide me with any recommendations you may have. Thanks. Have a look …

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