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Carat: 2.50

Q&A: Looking for an Oval-Shaped Diamond Within a $25k-$35k Budget

Hello, I am interested in buying an engagement ring and am hoping for some buying advice. This will be a big investment for me, so I want to make sure I am picking the ideal diamond and am not getting ripped off. My budget is between $25K and $35K. My girlfriend has given me some …

Q&A: Experience Shopping for a Tennis Bracelet for Around ~$2,500k Budget

Great articles! What about diamond tennis bracelets? Should I take the size of each diamond and multiple by the number of diamonds in the bracelet to estimate price? I found a 2.5 carat bracelet here in Houston that looks comparable to ones on James Allen and Blue Nile for $2500 so I’m thinking of getting …

Q&A: Help Finding a 2.50 Ct. Round Diamond Within a $50,000 Budget

Want to make sure that the diamond I choose is actually legit and reasonable. Blue Nile LD09315932 The cut of this stone is great but there is one issue, its medium fluorescence. It can cause a hazy look on high colors. That’s why I don’t recommend purchasing this one. If you’re willing to go …

Q&A: Choosing a 2.30 Ct. Emerald Cut Diamond for a Yellow Gold Vintage Setting With Up to $18,000 Budget

Would you please advise me. I am looking for a 2ct emerald cut solitaire to be set in yellow gold. On James Allen, the candidates appear to be: And I was thinking of 14K YELLOW GOLD VINTAGE INFINITY ENGAGEMENT RING as the setting. I would like to be advised on settting as …

Q&A: Choosing a 2 Ct. Radiant Cut Diamond With a $20-25k Budget

Hi! First, let me thank you all for the tremendous service that you are offering. I think it’s incredibly generous that you are providing this services for free. I am currently on the hunt for a radiant cut diamond that will be set in a white gold solitaire setting. I have a budget of about …

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