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Carat: 0.25

Q&A: Help Finding The Best Diamond for Around $350 Budget

I am looking for a diamond for $250-350. Can you also tell me what style of setting (solitaire, pave or other), metal (white or yellow gold) and shape of diamond you’re looking for? Then I’ll be happy to send you my suggestion. No specific setting, I want the most valuable piece for my money whether …

Q&A: Fancy Color Diamond for Investment Purposes?

Hi. I’m looking for a diamond to keep as an investment, where its value will be appreciated over time. I have these 3 from Blue Nile in mind. I particularly like the color ones over the clear one. However, some told me that it would be easier to resell the clear diamond than the color …

Q&A: Help Finding an Engagement Ring With a $1000 Budget

I am a college student who is graduating in May. I am debating proposing before then. I am on a limited college student type budget. I am not sure if you work with people in this demographic but I don’t know anything much about diamonds or wedding bands. I found you through Art of Charm …

Q&A: Help Finding a Center Stone for a Yellow Gold Three Stone Setting

Michael Fried Have you any thoughts on purchases through – can you point me to a review on your site. I’m looking at this ring, can you recommend a better value elsewhere? That is in terms of the main ring (with three stones). Thank you for your help. …… I had written another …

Q&A: Torn Between Three Small Round Diamonds for Under $430 Budget

Hey guys, I’m so glad to find your site. I have a quandary that I’m hoping you can help me with. I am looking to buy a sort of pre-engagement ring, which means I am looking for a small diamond. Without regard to setting yet, I have been running between Brian Gavin, James Allen, and …

Q&A: Looking for Pink Diamond for AUD $7-8K

I would like to buy a loose pink argyle diamond. My budget would be maximum about AUD 7-8K. It can be emerald or radiant or baguette cut or round. I will later set it to a ring for my own use. It will be used as central diamond & surrounded by white when I set …

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