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Budget: $900

Q&A: Looking for a Round Diamond to Set in a Solitaire Ring for $900 Budget

Budget is up to US$900, I am looking for the best value round diamond. The setting I plan to use is James Allen Platinum Knife Edge Solitaire. I am still debating between 2mm and 2.5mm and 4 prong vs 6 prong. Here is the link for the 2.5 mm 4 prong setting: What do …

Q&A: Looking for Princess Cut for Very Tight Budget

Hello! I was hoping if you could recommend me a good princess cut diamond on for or under $600 (the budget is tight when you’re a law school student). I have a setting already picked out , so the $600 would go toward the diamond which would be upgraded down the road when I …

Q&A: Looking for Round Cut for WG Solitaire on Small Budget

I am considering these diamonds from JA. I’d like your thoughts, Thanks $660 Specifications for Item #: 1525008 Shape: Round Carat Weight: 0.44 Cut: Excellent Color: K Clarity: SI1 Certificate: GIA Depth: 62.4% Table: 56.0% Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent Girdle: Culet: None Fluorescence: None Measurements: 4.87*4.86*3.03 Crown Angle: 35.0 Crown %: Pavilion Angle: 41.0 Pavilion …

Q&A: Looking for 1/2 Ct. Round Brilliant Stone for 18K Gold Solitaire Setting

Hi there, what a great site! I’m looking for a diamond for an engagement ring around the $500-$1000 range. (700-1200 including the ring. $1000 would be perfect) Been reading your articles about the 4Cs, so i know to look for what looks nice,and not expensive or better clarity. I’ve been to some jewelry stores and …

Q&A: It’s a “Steal”!

I’m considering buying small diamond for my gem collection and am educating myself is this process. I can’t fathom the real reason for the price difference between these two stones. Stone 1: Stone 2: Stone 1 has better grade and color. Both have an excellent cut. Yes, Stone 1 is 1 point smaller …

Q&A: Looking for 0.33 Ct. Diamond Promise Ring

Hello – Love the site! This isn’t exactly playing with the big boys here, but your advice would be appreciated if it’s worth your while. I’ve been looking to purchase a promise ring, but they all look kind of cheesy and I’d rather just purchase a diamond. I’m looking for a round shape, around .33 …

Q&A: Seeking Diamond Solitaire Pendant for Necklace

I love your informative site! It has helped already. I’m hoping my request is easier than most. I’m looking for a .5-.75 ct diamond solitaire pendant necklace. Preferably: -best diamond for the budget -round stone, though I’m flexible depending on your suggestion about what cut shines best on a necklace -color I or J at …

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