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Ask a Diamond Pro: 2nd Opinion on Diamond Stud Earrings

By Mike Fried,

As far as jewelry goes, very few pieces are as timeless and adaptable as diamond stud earrings. Whether given as a gift to celebrate a significant occasion or chosen as a personal treat, these precious stones have the ability to charm with their brilliance and appeal. However, understanding the intricacies of diamond selection can feel overwhelming, especially for those new to the world of gemstones. But there’s no need to worry. With the guidance of an experienced diamond expert, one can confidently make informed decisions to ensure that each purchase not only reflects their style but also doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg.

The email you’ve received from a discerning customer offers an opportunity for a thorough examination of diamond quality and worth. Let us dig into the specific details of the diamonds in question and provide comprehensive feedback to assist in the decision-making process.

Here’s the reader’s original email:

First, let me thank you for the wealth of information you provide. Your knowledge and experience provide people with the tools necessary to make informed choices with their hard-earned money. Thank you for that.

On to my question. I just purchased a pair of stones for diamond stud earrings from Jamesallen. I believe these to be a good choice, if not, I will modify the purchase prior to shipment or exchange for a better choice. What is your take? Any concerns about these? I believe them to be a little better in color than is probably necessary, but not much so. Also, my amateur eye does not see a lot of issues with clarity for them being SI2 in regards to being eye-clean for their size as the primary inclusion on one is off to the side.. So I didn’t think sacrificing color was warranted in order to go to a SI1. They are going in a platinum setting.

Please provide your valuable feedback.



!! Note: Original diamonds that the reader purchased are no longer listed on James Allen, so this blog contains links to similar substitutions.

Diamond Studs Example

There is a lot to talk about here. First off, you should always ask for a second opinion before you purchase. Doing it the other way around can be costly or you can end up wasting a lot of time returning the jewelry and buying new ones. Secondly, even thought the reader went a little higher in the color grade, the fact that they chose an SI2 clarity diamonds is fantastic. As long as they are eye-clean, you can save a lot of money by going that low without impacting the diamond quality. We’ll talk about all that and more below.

Getting SI2 Clarity

Choosing an SI2 clarity for diamond earrings offers several advantages, especially when considering factors like appearance and value. SI2 diamonds typically have inclusions that are visible under magnification but are sometimes considered eye-clean, meaning these inclusions are not noticeable to the naked eye. Since diamond earrings are worn on the earlobes and viewed from a distance, the slight imperfections in SI2 diamonds are usually not discernible in everyday wear. This allows individuals to enjoy the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds without the need for a higher clarity grade, saving costs without compromising on visual appeal.

Furthermore, opting for SI2 clarity diamonds can provide a wider range of options within a given budget. By choosing diamonds with slightly lower clarity grades, individuals can allocate more of their budget towards other factors such as cut, color, or carat weight, ultimately enhancing the overall appearance of the earrings. This flexibility allows for the selection of larger or better-cut diamonds, maximizing the visual appeal of the earrings with a lot of brilliance.

Choosing the Right Color

The reader chose G color diamonds for their earrings. He was worried that he had gone unnecessarily high and spent more than he had to. Even though we recommend I color for most diamond earrings (such as this 0.52ct I SI1 diamond and this 0.50ct I SI2 diamond), G/H color grades are the perfect balance between brightness and value. The diamonds the reader chose were beautiful and the price was right.

I color diamonds for stud earrings
I color diamonds for stud earrings

Asking For Second Opinion

Seeking a second opinion from an expert is advisable when considering purchasing diamonds. It’s better however to ask for help before finalizing the purchase. In this instance, the reader messaged us after already buying the earrings, which may not have been the optimal approach. However, fortunately, his selection turned out to be exceptional, and we could only extend our congratulations to him.

Final Thoughts

Selecting diamond stud earrings involves considering many aspects, such as clarity and color. Seeking advice from a specialist helps make well-informed choices, improving both the attractiveness and value of the earrings. While it’s best to seek a second opinion before buying, even asking questions after purchasing can result in excellent choices, deserving of praise. Even though the reader in this case asked after they had already bought the diamonds, the ones they chose with SI2 clarity and G color grade strike a good balance of visual appeal and value.

By learning about the details of choosing diamonds, people can make sure that what they buy not only meets their expectations but also stands the test of time as a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Are you in a similar situation? Would you like a second opinion? Our team is always here to help you. Just send us a message and one of our diamond experts will be right with you.

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