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3 Sentimental Ways to Personalize Jewelry for Someone Special

By Mike Fried,

Feeling the desire to give the perfect customized gift? You’re not alone. 

We’ve used our research and experience to create a list that ensures your individualized gift is thoughtful, classy and high quality.

Before we get into it, our number one recommendation for personalized gifts is to use a reputable vendor. We mention the vendors James Allen and Blue Nile in this article. We love their products for a few reasons: high quality, large selection, affordability and limited life-time warranty.  

Now let’s get to the fun part. How to make your jewelry gift exceptionally meaningful: 

  1. Customize by designing your own engagement ring, pendant, or earrings
  2. Engrave your jewelry piece with tender words or a date
  3. Choose birthstones that reflect the receivers birthday


A personally designed gift is sure to tug on the heart strings. Whether it is an engagement ring, pendant or earrings, the thoughtfulness of this method is sure to please.

Personalized ring by engraving
A Five Stone Shared Prong Contour Diamond Ring with engraving from James Allen


James Allen and Blue Nile are accessible ways to design the perfect diamond jewelry piece. Similar to a choose your own adventure novel, their step-by-step processes are fun and professional. These two vendors provide a full insurance evaluation on jewelry valued $1,000 or higher no matter if you designed it or they. Gemstones is another option they offer for creating your own jewelry.

Customizing your diamond jewelry requires a bit of background knowledge. You will be asked questions ranging from what shape of diamond to the desired clarity and carat. Whether you read about logistics prior to design, or you play with it as you go, keep it light-hearted. We have people that can personally walk you through the diamond buying process. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, knowing about the diamonds’ 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat) are essential when making this purchase. It is also worth looking into whether you prefer an earth diamond, lab-created diamond, fancy color diamond or fancy color lab-created diamond. So many choices!

We have plenty of extensive guides to the 4 C’s. For the short version:

  • Diamond cut is the most important factor of the 4 C’s when buying a diamond. Cut refers to the quality of the angles, facets and finishing details. Cut has the most sway over how your diamond appears.
  • Diamond color refers to how colorless a diamond is. When looking at fancy color diamonds it can refer to the intensity of color.
  • Diamond clarity speaks to how clean the diamond is of blemishes and inclusions. Our recommendation for clarity is to judge a diamond based on whether it is “eye clean” or if the inclusions are visible to the naked eye. James Allen and Blue Nile use their high-end photography to allow you to view a diamond’s clarity online.
  • Diamond carat weight gives attention to how much a diamond weighs. Similar to Cut, this is a good place to allocate your budget. 

To show you some options, we put together three types of jewelry:

1) This stunning Milgrain and Pavé V-Shank Diamond Engagement Ring with a 0.50ct I, VVS2 Emerald cut diamond.

A Milgrain vintage setting in White Gold with an emerald cut diamond in the center
A Milgrain vintage setting in 14K White Gold with an emerald cut diamond center

2) these stunning Prong Diamond Earrings with two 0.50ct G, SI1 heart shaped diamonds – here is the first one and here is the second one.

heart shaped stud earrings
Heart shaped stud earrings in 14K White Gold

3) This classy Bezel Solitaire Pendant Setting in Yellow Gold with a 0.70ct J, SI1 Round cut diamond.

A bezel pendant in 14K Yellow Gold for a round cut diamond
A bezel pendant in 14K Yellow Gold for a round cut diamond

Now you can make your own unique gift!


Engraving a message on your jewelry not only makes it touching but also creates an heirloom that future generations can revere. 

Engagement Rings

James Allen offers free engraving on the majority of their engagement rings and wedding bands. Blue Nile also gives the option of engravement on most rings for a small fee. Many people choose to engrave anniversary dates, initials, or loving words.

The James Allen Blog shows some great photos of engraved rings you can scan through for inspiration

Other Jewelry

Weddings aren’t the only time to make your partner misty-eyed with a heartfelt engraving. From pendants to lockets, money clips to cufflinks, the individual style of engraved jewelry is one’s own.

1) We love this Engravable Sweetheart Locket from Blue Nile with romantic rose gold and a delicate diamond detail.

Engravable Sweetheart Locket
Engravable Sweetheart Locket in Rose Gold

2) This stunning Mini Diamond Accented Engravable Disc Bracelet can be made in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. 

Mini Diamond Accented Engravable Disc Bracelet
Mini Diamond Accented Engravable Disc Bracelet in Yellow Gold

3) Whether for a wedding party gift or a Father’s Day present, cufflinks make a great momento, especially when personalized. Blue Nile offers many of them in Sterling Silver orSteinless Steel, such as these oval cuff links that, in our opinion, are quite fetching. 

Oval Cuff Links
Oval Cuff Links with Engraving in Steinless Steel

*Be aware that the engravement requires an additional fee on top of the jewelry price. 


Birthstones make a sparkling gift with an attentive touch. But what are they? 

What is a birthstone?

A birthstone is a type of gemstone associated with the month in which a person was born. Some people claim that wearing a certain type of stone for a certain birth month will induce therapeutic qualities to the wearer. It is said that wearing your birthstone enhances certain character traits such as peacefulness or passion. 

Each birthstone is said to have distinct qualities. For example, according to the American Gem Society, rubies — the birthstone for people born in July — are said to be “symbolic of passion, protection and prosperity.”

Whether these stones truly have these abilities, there is no doubt they hold the power for external glamor and beauty. 

Ruby Gemstone Infographic

How do I find the right birthstone gift?

There are some wonderful resources to help you zero-in on which birthstone to choose for your special someone.  

We especially love the Blue Nile Birthstone Jewelry and James Allen Birthstone Jewelry. They make the birthstone-shopping fun and easy to browse. They also, as mentioned, provide a quality product at a good price.

Inspiration for Birthstone Jewelry 

Here is a smattering of some exquisite pieces to behold:

The Yellow Gold Dainty Amethyst Bezel Diamond Ring By Brevani is elegant with its side diamonds and fine milgrain around the Amethyst centerpiece. A great ring for a gift or as an alternative engagement ring. 

We love the Opal and Micropavé Diamond Stud Earrings from Blue Nile with their sparkle and luster. These earrings come in all of birthstone varieties. 

A White Gold Marquise Sapphire And Diamond Pendant is perfect for a September birthday. With its blue sapphires simulating flower petals around the diamond center, it’s charming and stylish. 

Still wanting more inspiration? These articles are a great place to look:

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