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10 Engagement Ring Styles You Should Consider if You’re Obsessed with Royal Families

By Mike Fried,

With their lavish jewels and timeless style, royal engagement rings have a way of stealing our eyes and our hearts. But what if we told you that you could have an engagement ring similar to your favorite queen or princess? 

From Grace Kelly to Princess Diana, royalty have long driven trends in engagement rings and other jewelry, often in creative and interesting ways.

Whether you’re huge fans of The Crown or simply enjoy following royal family news, with a little searching, you can have a matching sparkler for your ring. From emerald beauties to stunning sapphires, here are 10 engagement rings that’ll have you feeling like royalty.

1. Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana shared an engagement ring, as it was handed down to Kate Middleton when Prince William proposed in 2010. The sapphire ring is one of the most famous engagement rings and features a 12 carat oval cut sapphire enveloped in 14 round diamonds. The ring is made of 18K white gold with the remarkable sapphire taking center stage.

Princess Diana originally selected the ring from London-based jeweler Garrard & Co. in 1981. It’s long attracted attention for its stunning oval cut sapphire and has been a popular example for many people seeking something different from the typical white diamond.

You don’t need a 12 carat center stone to match the exquisite style and feel of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s ring, though. Here is a similar ring that’ll make you feel like you’re part of the royal family.

Oval and Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring from Blue Nile
Princess Diana's Engagement RIng

2. Queen Elizabeth II’s Round Cut Engagement Ring

Prince Philip designed Queen Elizabeth II’s ring himself with diamonds from his mother’s tiara. Queen of England’s 3 carat round cut ring is made of white gold and features smaller diamonds as side stones in a triangular shape. She still wears the sparkler daily alongside her yellow gold wedding band. Create a similar ring with a round cut center stone and a pavé setting.

14K White Gold Triple Diamond Engagement Ring from James Allen

Queen Elizabeth II’s Engagement Ring

3. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex’s Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Rather than using a family heirloom, Prince Harry designed his own ring for Meghan Markle. It’s a three-stone ring with a square shaped center diamond flanked by two round diamonds on either side. She upgraded her ring in 2019 to a thin pavé band instead of the original thicker yellow gold band. 

14k Yellow Gold Three Stone Pavé Set Diamond Engagement Ring from James Allen

Meghan Markle's Three stone ring

4. Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco’s Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Highlighting a 10 carat emerald cut diamond with baguette side stones, Grace Kelly’s engagement ring is both timeless and full of character. As an actress who became a princess, this ring is one of fairy tales. You don’t need a 10 carat center diamond either. Find a similar style to emulate this three-stone design. 

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring from James Allen

Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

5. Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor’s Emerald Engagement Ring

Though it was forbidden love of sorts, King Edward VIII chose a remarkable emerald ring for Wallis Simpson. Her yellow gold ring showcased a nearly 20 carat green gemstone. You can find a similar ring from Blue Nile, for much less than the royal beauty must have cost. 

Emerald Micropavé Hidden Halo Engagement Ring from Blue Nile
Wallis Simpson’s Engagement Ring

6. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York’s Ruby Floral Halo Engagement Ring

Prince Andrew chose a stunning Burmese ruby for Sarah Ferguson’s engagement ring. The scarlet gemstone is surrounded by a floral halo of diamonds. Made of yellow gold, this royal engagement ring is perfect for a partner who appreciates lots of color and personality. 

Oval Ruby Ring with Double Diamond Halo from Blue Nile
Sarah Ferguson’s Engagement Ring

7. Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

Unique in its shape, Crown Princess Marie-Chantel boasts a pear shaped sapphire detailed with diamond accents. This ensemble stands out from other royalty, offering more character and color than other rings. While an exact replica is a little harder to design, you can get the regal feel with a similar sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. 

Oval Sapphire Ring with Diamond Hexagon Halo and Baguette Sidestones in 14k White Gold from Blue Nile
Marie-Chantal of Greece Engagement Ring

8. Camilla Parker Bowles’, Duchess of Cornwall’s Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Art deco in style, Camilla Parker Bowles’ engagement ring features an emerald cut diamond once worn by the Queen Mum. Beyond the large center stone, the ring showcases baguette diamond side stones. The ring offers a classic look with modern flair. Design a similar engagement ring that features three prominent diamonds.

Three-Stone Trapezoid Sidestone Diamond Engagement Ring from Blue Nile
Camilla Parker Bowles’ Engagement Ring

9. Princess Eugenie of York’s Pink Halo Engagement Ring

Not all sapphires are blue. Jack Brooksbank chose an iconic pink-orange sapphire for Princess Eugenie. Her center gemstone is surrounded by diamonds in a vintage halo setting. To emulate her ring, choose a pink-orange gemstone of any variety, such as morganite. 

Vintage Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Round Morganite from Blue Nile
Princess Eugenie of York’s Ring

10. Queen Maxima of The Netherlands’ Oval Engagement Ring

Looking for a truly unique royal ring? Consider a style similar to Queen Maxima of The Netherlands, with her orange-colored oval diamond engulfed by two diamond bands. You can choose an orange colored diamond or a citrine gemstone to emulate her color and style. 

Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange Diamond Ring from Leibish

Queen Maxima's Engagement RIng

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