Diamond VS1 Clarity

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(I would like to thank James Allen for the use of the picture in this article)

Tiny Diamond VS1 Sample Black Inclusion in the Table - Click to Enlarge

Tiny Diamond VS1 Sample Black Inclusion in the Table – Click to Enlarge

Continuing on in our series of individual diamond clarity grades, we move right along to the diamond VS1 clarity grade.  As mentioned in the diamond clarity review article, The diamond VS1 clarity grade is just barely visible under 10x magnification.  From my own personal experience, it can often take a good 5 seconds or so until you actually find the inclusion using a 10x powered loupe.  The is in contrast to the VS2 grade which is immediately noticeable when viewing the diamond using a 10x powered loupe.  On the left is a sample diamond VS1 inclusion.  As you can see, there is only a tiny pinpoint black inclusion in the diamond.

Do I need a Diamond VS1 or higher?

The fact is that a diamond VS1 or higher clarity is pretty much better than anybody needs — except, perhaps, if you’re buying a very large emerald cut, where internal inclusions are easily visible.  The sample picture on the left is magnified about 20x times, and you can barely see the tiny pinpoint of an inclusion.  It’s utterly invisible when viewed naturally with your naked eye.  So if an SI2 and a VS1 clarity grade diamond look the same to the naked eye, then why spend the extra money?

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