Diamond Education

Getting the real scoop about diamonds isn’t easy.  Who can you trust?  Certainly not the salesperson trying to sell you a more expensive diamond.  You also can’t trust the website that wants to sell you the diamonds that they specialize in.  You can trust me.  I’m not trying to sell you anything.

I worked in the diamond industry for about 6 years for one of the world’s largest manufacturers.  I have worked in New York, Israel, Dubai, India, Belgium, Spain, Russia, France, Thailand, and all over the USA.  I’m here to tell you the Truth about Diamonds.  I’m here to tell you the things that nobody else wants to tell you — my goal is to teach you how to spend the least amount of money possible while buying a diamond that looks just as great (if not greater) than the more expensive stone they want you to buy.

Please enlighten yourself by reading the following articles.  As always, I welcome and encourage comments.