In this section of the site, I publish some interesting private exchanges I have had with readers of the site who have contacted me via the “Ask a Question” form. I believe you will find that the questions and answers are both interesting and educational. Of course, names have been removed to preserve privacy.
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Q&A: Looking for 2Ct.+ Round Cut

Q: First off, thank you so much for taking the time to educate the public on diamonds. I like many younger males am purchasing the love of my life (and soon to be mother of my child) a display of my affection. She is not all picky, but wants something “pretty” and preferably larger then her […]

Q&A: Looking for 2Ct. Princess Cut for Solitaire Necklace

Q: I have found one with our local jeweler I, VS1, 2.08 ct, 7.81×7.32×4.28mm, rectangle moderate brilliance for $12,000 with no certificate available at hand and another F, SI2, 1.82 ct, 6.70×6.55×4.80, total depth 73.3, table width 74%, medium polished per GIA certificate for $10,750. What are thoughts on these diamonds and what would you suggest? […]

Q&A: On the Hunt for a $15K Princess Cut

Q: Love the site! I found it helpful a couple years ago when I was searching for info about earrings and now I’m back looking for help with a ring. Thanks for the great info. Essentially, I have four questions. I apologize in advance for their length. #1) Do you have any recommendations for a diamond […]

Q&A: Looking for Best Round Cut for $10K Budget

Q: I found a diamond i think looks like a solid value, SI2, H color, want to know what you think. Budget: $10000 Budget    Carat: 1.50 ct    Color: H Color    Color: I Color    Shape: Round Brilliant    Clarity: SI1 Clarity    Clarity: SI2 Clarity    Clarity: VS2 Clarity   

Q&A: Looking for Center Stone for Sapphire Sidestone Setting

Q: I love your site. It has helped me so much to focus on what is most important. I am interested in getting a diamond for this James Allen setting: http://www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/settings-with-colored-sidestones/Blue-Sapphire-Ring-11150w.html I’ve been looking at J color diamonds with Ideal cuts for around $6,500. I want the biggest diamond I can get that is eye clean. […]

Q&A: Looking for Round Diamond for $6500 Total Budget

Q: Thank you for all the excellent information on diamonds.pro. I’m just beginning my search and finalizing my budget, about $6,500 but less is obviously better, and I had a few questions. My girlfriend likes a fairly expensive setting, the Tacori 2620 RD Pave (http://www.tacori.com/newjewelrycollection/prettyinpink/2620rdsmppk.html), which varies in price based on the carat weight of the […]

Q&A: Looking for Round Diamond for Pave Halo Setting

Q&A: Looking for Round Diamond for Pave Halo Setting

Q: First let me echo many other comments & say that your website is absolutely wonderful! The information you provide is invaluable to the less knowledgeable such as myself. I’m hoping you will be able to provide some guidance for my situation. I have been married for 6 years & in that time I have worn […]

Q&A: Looking for ~1.5Ct. Asscher Cut

Q&A: Looking for ~1.5Ct. Asscher Cut

Q: I’m looking to buy an Asscher diamond for an engagement ring, and my budget is $9,000 (for the diamond alone). I’d love to see what recommendations you may have to maximize value. Your site is really great, by the way! Budget: $10000 Budget    Budget: $9000 Budget    Carat: 1.30 ct    Carat: 1.40 ct […]

Q&A: Looking for Round Cut for Pt Solitaire Setting

Q: My boyfriend and I are going to New York the first week of January 2013, and we are thinking of buying an engagement ring before that to collect while we are there. We don’t live in the US, so import tax would normally be high for us, and we want to avoid that! James Allen […]