Predicting Jewelry Trends for 2012; Part III

Predicting Jewelry Trends for 2012; Part III

The Latest Trend: Men’s Rings According to TV, one of the premiere wedding planning websites, the fashion of men’s wedding bands is becoming more popular and more sophisticated. Bill Fulle of Baily Banks & Biddle explains the evolution of this niche market: “The new thing in men’s wedding bands is that they now have …

$20K Diamond & Ruby iPhone Case Giveaway from James Allen

$20K Diamond & Ruby iPhone Case Giveaway from James Allen

In honor of the launch of James Allen’s new mobile site – six months in the making – one of the leading bridal jewelry web retailers is offering a truly unique giveaway. The diamond and ruby encrusted iPhone case is valued at $20,000 with 808 F-G color diamonds – five carats total – and 43 …

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The Young Consumer Prefers Walk-In Jewelry Stores to Internet Sites

Nowadays we are so used to hearing that the young generation prefers to buy everything online that we hardly pause for a moment to consider whether this statement is actually true. From buying groceries online to finding special e-deals on retail clothing sites, 20 and 30-somethings seem to have it all figured out. courtesy of …

Indiana Jones-Inspired Engagement Ring

Major Eaton: Doctor Jones, we’ve heard a lot about you. Indiana: Have you? Major Eaton: Professor of Archeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities. Well this unusual engagement ring story just may be a “rare antiquity” before its time. Take a talented and creative guy who wants …

80% Jump in Sales of Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

According to Diamond Traces diamond company, from 2010 to 2011 sales of clarity-enhanced diamonds surged 80%. Clarity-enhanced diamonds are diamonds that have undergone a process of cleaning to remove certain types of inclusions. The enhancement procedure may consist of any of the following techniques: deep boiling, laser drilling, special laser drilling, or fracture filling. …

Predicting Jewelry Trends for 2012; Part II

Engagement Ring Settings Retro is in and vintage settings are definitely a great option if you are looking for a more traditional look. The attention to fine detail in these heirloom settings is evident in the hand-crafted metal and diamond work, making this option a great one for a classy timeless ring, already perfect to …

Should You Be Worried? Jewelers Evaluating Diamonds Independently

As if there weren’t enough to confuse you about buying a diamond, now many brick-and-mortar establishments in America are doing their own in-house diamond certification instead of relying on the big name labs like Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and American Gem Society (AGS). In other words, they might initially review the certification and then …

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The Glitzy Golden Globes

As we all know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Now this is especially the case if the girl is a glamorous entertainer headed for the red carpet of the Golden Globes this past Sunday night in Hollywood. We’ve checked out the reviews and the pictures of who had the glitziest diamonds and have assembled …

Predicting Jewelry Trends for 2012; Part I

Predicting Jewelry Trends for 2012; Part I

Fancy Colored Diamonds and Gemstones In continuing with the trend of recent years, colorful jewelry is in and only getting hotter. According to jewelry industry JCK Magazine, “With fashion in the midst of a major chromatic moment…retailers have every reason to maximize their sales of colored gemstones…color gives a consumer in the market for a …

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