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  1. Sophia

    My boyfriend and I are planning to get engaged within the next few months, patially depending on when we find the “perfect” diamond for the engagement ring. So I just started to study about diamonds. Your website is SUPER helpful. Please keep posting the “daily diamond”. I can really use your recommendations. Thanks!!

  2. John

    Yeah!!! The daily diamonds are back.
    I use your website as my default knowledge base, while searching for that “perfect” engagement diamond I hope to purchase within the next year.
    Thank you for your website/time and knowledgeable, unbiased answers.

    1. Ira Weissman

      Now, I’m just blushing!

  3. Christine

    I too have been checking every few days and am happy to see you back on the site!

    1. Ira Weissman

      All right, Christine, the next one’s dedicated to you!

  4. Janis

    i must admit – i look everyday for a new “daily diamond” – i’ve really missed seeing new posts these past few months! -

    1. Ira Weissman

      Then, Janis, for you, I shall continue!