Best Round Brilliant Cut Diamond for $10,000: 1.63 Carat I Color SI1 Clarity GIA Certified Ideal Cut Round Diamond

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a daily diamond selection.  I’ve been back and forth a lot over this matter.  I’m not convinced that you, the readers, find these selections useful.  If you feel like these are important, and I should continue posting daily diamond recommendations, then please let me know in the comments!

Today I decided to get back in the daily diamond game right at a very popular price point – the best round brilliant diamond for $10,000.  Today’s stone looks like a great find.  The inclusions in the center are going to be invisible to the naked eye and the orangy inclusion on the side (at about 5 o’clock in the picture) can be covered by the prong on the ring.  An I color diamond is still going to look white to your eye as well, and the Excellent cut grade is going to ensure a very brilliant stone, so this stone really offers fantastic value.

Here’s the Stats (Or Click Here for a Copy of the GIA Certificate):

Diamond Magnified 20x - Click to Enlarge

Diamond Magnified 20x – Click to Enlarge

Shape: Round Brilliant

Carats: 1.63

Diamond Cut: Excellent

Color: I

Clarity: SI1

Measurements: 7.58*7.66*4.63

Depth: 60.8%

Table: 56%

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Very Good

Fluorescence: None

Price: $9,860

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  1. Sophia     Reply

    My boyfriend and I are planning to get engaged within the next few months, patially depending on when we find the “perfect” diamond for the engagement ring. So I just started to study about diamonds. Your website is SUPER helpful. Please keep posting the “daily diamond”. I can really use your recommendations. Thanks!!

  2. John     Reply

    Yeah!!! The daily diamonds are back.
    I use your website as my default knowledge base, while searching for that “perfect” engagement diamond I hope to purchase within the next year.
    Thank you for your website/time and knowledgeable, unbiased answers.

    • Ira Weissman     Reply

      Now, I’m just blushing!

  3. Christine     Reply

    I too have been checking every few days and am happy to see you back on the site!

    • Ira Weissman     Reply

      All right, Christine, the next one’s dedicated to you!

  4. Janis     Reply

    i must admit – i look everyday for a new “daily diamond” – i’ve really missed seeing new posts these past few months! -

    • Ira Weissman     Reply

      Then, Janis, for you, I shall continue!

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