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  1. cathy castine

    Could you tell me the most I should pay for a 1.80 diamond set in a six prong with ggold mounting. The color is G Clarity I1

  2. James


    Ive today started to search and research diamonds, ive come across 77Diamonds London. Is this a website you would recommend? I’ve come across the following diamond and just after your comment?


    Shape Round
    Weight 0.74
    Colour F
    Clarity SI1
    Polish Very Good
    Symmetry Excellent
    Fluorescence None
    Culet N/A
    Cut Excellent
    Choosen Diamond £ 2,025.68
    VAT £ 405.14
    Total Price £ 2,430.81

  3. Fred


    i found a diamond in james allen, it has some si1 inclusions, but i dont know if they can be seen with the naked eye, or will affect the look, what do you think about this diamond?

    1. Mike

      No, that diamond is not eye-clean. You are better off with a diamond like this:

  4. Ekta Chopra

    I’m looking at diamond solitaire getting option of e colour s1 clarity please suggest

    1. Mike

      What size are you looking for and what is your ballpark budget. I suggest you read our post on color; you can get better value dropping to GH color.

  5. ella

    Hello :) my partner and I have a very small budget (approx $3k us) and I really don’t want a tiny diamond. I found a ring that I love on eBay,certified by IGS, feedback on seller is mostly glowing. Ideally, I wouldn’t be buying from eBay, but its really our only option with our budget. However, I would really really appreciate any opinion/judgement you could give me.
    Main diamond:
    Carat: 1.25
    Color: D
    Clarity: SI1
    Cut: very good
    Side diamonds: D/VS2 .7 carat.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this for me, thank you so much and I really look forward to hearing from you,

    1. Mike

      The diamond is absolute garbage. Its artificially enhanced (not such a big deal) and it has an illegitimate certificate so the quality will be far lower than they actually claim (which is a huge deal).


      1. ella

        Thank you very very much, I really appreciate your opinion. E

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